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About Me

Hi, my name is Paweł. I have been a gamer since I was little. I am taking my first steps as a developer of indie games. I love old computers (especially laptops) and all old retro technologies.
I've always been drawn to creating - creating something, creating my own stories. I liked reading various historical novels, fantasy books - I especially liked J.R.R. Tolkien. I was able to accurately predict the numerous and often surprising fates of their heroes.
Recently, I have been taking my time to explore the secrets of ancient Korean history.
And I love Korean food!

Me, Rheinland-Pfalz, 2021
About The AGry

I liked games, I liked computers, and from an early age I liked creating with a computer. At that time, I was creating simple graphic works, animations, the first programs in Pascal. I have created many websites related to my hobbies. I was interested in video editing and telling a story that way.
The name of the studio AGry comes from the answer to the question once asked:
What do you want to do? i'll be making games! (in polish: "A Gry będę robić!")

Over the years, numerous ideas for games did not leave the phase of paper sketches or GDD documents. In 2021, I decided to try my hand at being an independent developer of computer games. After all, motivated by the Devtober challenge event, I set myself the goal of creating and releasing my first game.
After a month of designing and prototyping, I devoted another month to creating a game based on a simple sketch - a Christmas game about Santa. The game was published on on December 17, 2021 - it was ready for the winter holiday season. This goal has been achieved, so it's time for the next challenges.

Me, games, food
Future projects - upcoming games

For many years I have been thinking about game ideas. Some of them took the form of GDD (Game Development Document) documents. But still some ideas remain in the form of loose sketches. In my free time, I actively work on creating the storyline, create quests and dialogues. During my creative work, I try to spend 95% of my time on the current game, so the progress of these side projects is so arduous.

Games in the design phase:
  • The Computer Evolution - Turn based management simulation
  • Weinmann Valley - Stardew Valley-like wine-growing simulation
  • Stolen Kimchi - an adventurous journey through ancient Korea. Adventure-Fantasy RPG game historically based on Korean peninsula and Jeju Island myths.
Working on...


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