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My favorite art style. It leaves room for the player's imagination. A few well-matched pixels can be a magical legendary item

Myths & legends

I like ancient myths, legends, old tales and their ancient secrets. I can interpret them freely, trying not to lose their original spirit.


Music plays a very important role in the good atmosphere of the game. I am still looking for talented artists by listening to their work on music websites.

To Play offline

I like to play offline, anytime. I also make games like this. Nevertheless, I prepare games so that they give you the opportunity to share achievements or progress in the game.


Pyxel Edit, Aseprite, Photoshop Elements, Blender and Unity 3D are my everyday tools combo. I code my games using C# and Visual Studio


I am interested in retro, old technologies and the creative approach of old creators in facing new challenges of their times.


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