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Babooshka - new game

Published 08.05.2022by Pawelannouncement
A game based on the atmosphere of slavic myths, folk culture of eastern Poland.
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Game canceled

Published 28.03.2022by Pawelcanceled
Dark stones starts to fall. Evil aura spread, affected by dark forces animals started to attack people's habitats. The game design and story outline has been canceled
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Top-Down 2D RPG

Published 18.03.2022by Pawelannouncement
Dark stones starts to fall. Evil aura spread, affected by dark forces animals started to attack people's habitats. In this 2D RPG you will face summoned servants of darkness, find an ancient artifact thanks to which you will defeat evil forces.
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Stop War

Published 02.03.2022by PawelStatement
Standing up for Ukraine

2022_Darkstones fall

Published 01.01.2022by Pawelannouncement
Dark stones fall from the sky, everything changes. Few are able to resist his powers and fight Evil...
Game project canceled
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Pixel Santa: Gifts are gone! released

Published 18.12.2021by Pawelgame released
My first game released! Chase thieves and find stolen goods in this pixel art 2D platformer. Defeat evil troll, bring back stolen gifts and save xmas!
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Beta released

Published 13.12.2021by Pawelbeta released
First playable version. Some bugs was fixed, added music. Added 32bit and 64bit versions.
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First playable game build

Published 03.11.2021by PawelAlpha build
So called Alpha of my first game. New mechanics added - player can throw snowballs, hit enemies and destroy terrain obstacles. Game name changed. Getting used to Git
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Devtober 2021 challenge - Santa: Regain North Pole game

Published 31.10.2021by PawelDevtober challenge
Hi, I'm PaweĊ‚, and i always want to make games! It was the first time I took up the Devtober challenge.(...) Little by little, I gained new skills and improved the design. I also have three sleepless nights behind me, which I consider to be an important indicator of a strong motivation to complete the challenge :)
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