Mission C-20

Space survivors finally returning to Earth decades after the landing failure. After hibernation, the Earth is no longer the same. Hostile aliens have invaded and a dangerous virus used as a weapon mutates people and turns them into fighting zombies.

Release date Q2 2022

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Weinmann Valley

Grow your little farm. Take care of grapevines, cultivate the land, harvest grapes, produce the best wine in your vineyard. Challenge your opponents, take care of the development of your vineyards and care for the environment. Produce the most or the best wines, or both...

Release date Q3 2023

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The Computer Evolution

Build and develop computer company. Turn based management simulation, discover new technologies, create new components, build your computer systems. Sell hardware and softwaare worldwide, conquer markets in different globe regions.

Release date 2024

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Stolen Kimchi

The story of a young boy named Sunwoo who has to face the task of retrieving stolen kimchi supply and rebuild destroyed village. An adventurous journey through ancient Korea awaits you and an unexpected mystery to be solved.

Release date Q4 2022

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About me

My name and Pawel and i'm indie developer

I love retro computers, reading fantasy books, especially J.R.R. Tolkien's are my favorites. I am interested in ancient Korean history and I love Korean food!

A GRY studio

my indie studio

A GRY studio - that's what I called my independent game development studio. Not much to say here, i'm just started.
Founded in Piaseczno, Poland.


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